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Dietitian Öznur Akdikmen

Completed his primary and secondary education in Ankara. In 1985 from the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Hacettepe University and graduated with the title of nutritionist. University of Istanbul in 1985, he started working at the Institute of Child Health and doing a masters degree in child nutrition expert dietitians received the title.

Between 1987-1991 Ankara University Ibn-i Sina Hospital, between the years of 1991-2009 in adult patients with section of Istanbul University in the Department of Child Health and Disease Specialist Dietician worked as.

Since 2009 to share their knowledge and experience about nutrition and diet continues to work in IDEM. At the same time has been working as a lecturer in Istanbul University School of Health Science in Nutrition and Dietetics department.

She has been found in studies on the effectiveness of group training obese children's diets and nutrition in the treatment of obese children.