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Private Medical Counseling

Medical Counseling and private family practice is not applied as needed nowhere else in the world.

Ideally; private medical consultancy and private family practice, apply the best practice physicians, internal medicine who specializes in general medicine professionals.

Even in the diagnosis and treatment on the part directs the course of the follow-up is required.

So: the patient should adopt.
Our organization owning medicine counseling to patients; friendly team is given with the right information.

Because of the attending physician may not take the time to branch outside the state of health; 24 hours may not be achieved; INDIVIDUAL MEDICAL COUNSELING applied in our institution, whereas the patient's medical physician at any moment to be achieved by considering all possible.

In this case private medical consultancy and custom in family medical, all members of a family, being connected to the same doctor and all information is stored on the computer.

In addition, patients with simple medical problems, phone interviews are directed at.

Currently we apply this system in the rare institutions are working as professionals in the world.
Wishing you a special adviser to choose your family doctor reliable soon ...

Dr. Erhan Özel
İç Hastalıkları Uzmanı