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Bakırköy Görüntüleme MerkeziRadiology is a branch of modern medicine's most rapidly developing. A plurality of imaging method used in radiology. Everyone needs at least once from a simple chest X-ray, Magnetic Resonance Imaging gives you the chance very detailed analysis of a wide range of imaging are performed.

The physician's knowledge and experience in radiological examination and Doppler ultrasonography are processes that are connected.

Personalized check-up views that are required in the computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging has proven its reliability in the centers are built by us.

Ultrasonography, Doppler US-Guided Biopsy procedures with transactions "Bakırköy Radiology Center" is maintained by DR. Ersen Alp ÖZBALCI.

Radiological procedures are reliable, every patient enough time left to be done, Radiologiests of the patient in advance about the details of owning and even this information in a well himself with the patient talking to get the most accurate diagnosis is very important.

Radiological examinations at the Bakırköy Check-up Center, with Internal Medicine Dr. Erhan Özel's request, made by Radiologist Dr. Ersen Alp ÖZBALCI. If necessary during ultrasonographic examination, symtops are evaluated along with Radiologist Dr. Ersen Alp ÖZBALCI.

This togetherness is the most important factor for saving time.